Sunday, May 15, 2011

stories from my cell phone

I frequently snap pictures on my phone each week of this and that.

They just sit on my phone or get messaged to friends and family if the pictures pertains to them.

I decided that now and then I would share my cell phone pictures along with an explanation of them...just for fun. :)

I saw these orchids at Hy-Vee and fell in love! Aren't they gorgeous?!!!

They're expensive too... :(

I will call these next 2 pictures "Sean's idea of the PERFECT roasted marshmallow". However, in my opinion, this isn't 'roasting' a marshmallow, it's burning it. Just how he likes it...

Our car load of all things gardening on Mother's Day! :)

Tate on Mother's Day. I asked him to smile for a picture that I was going to send to Maggie (his birth mother) and Grandma Shingledecker (his birth grandma). He obliged...

I was in Muscatine for a couple of days this week watching Lani and Ayla while Cassie, Paul and Brigg went to the Cubs/Cardinals game in Chicago. Lots of games were played, but mostly UNO (outside) and Jenga...

And Ayla was her silly self...

While at Cassie's house, I had to use her yucky Pantene gel (can't believe I even put that on my hair!) and let my hair air dry because he blowdryer was broken and all she had was yucky Pantene gel. I sent her this picture and explained that I may not be heading out into public at all because her gel just didn't do the trick. Yup, I'm pretty hot, I know...

We hung out at my parents house for a bit while I was in town. The kids swooned over mom of course...

Oh, and here I am with a classic 1985 supermodel pose. I sent this picture to Cassie as well thanking her for my new shirt she let me have and making her totally regret her decision of giving it to me. If only she knew that she could look as much like a supermodel as I do in it, I am certain she would have kept the shirt for herself! :)

I love that the trees are now green and full. I love all of the big, old trees in our neighborhood.
This was taken from my front door.

My mom got me this super cute scrub brush to do my dishes with. It sits in my kitchen window. I haven't even used it yet because it's almost too cute to dirty up!

I love me some Wide River Wine. Pursuit of Happiness and Guilty Pleasure are my 2 faves...yum. I promise I didn't drink this in one night all by took me 2 nights. :) It was one of my Mother's Day gifts from Sean and Tate.

I am on an extremely low carb diet and so I eat a lot of bacon. I made turkey bacon the other day and was almost grossed out by it. I mean, not grossed out enough to not eat it! Ha. Really though, look at those perfectly scalloped edges...weird.

My plants are blooming! They are getting fuller by the day! I love that. Though I haven't enjoyed the rain, my plants sure have!

Our May calendar is awfully full! I kind of like it that way, but I get a little stressed just looking at it!

And even moreso, this stresses me out! YIKES! You think it's time for me to do some cabinet organization?! I may need to add that to my list today. Ugh. And don't even ask me why I took a picture of this mess, I can't say for sure that I know why...I just did.

And there you have it...stories from my cell phone!

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Candi said...

You know I hate pics of myself.... and my cupboards ALL look at least that cluttered, probably WORSE!! love your new top from Cassie... looks great! Your flowers look good.... I have that yet to get, flowers in big pots! LOVE it warmer temps are here or at least coming!! :)