Monday, May 16, 2011

Batter up!

Brigg's baseball game was in Milan tonight, so we decided to go and watch him. He's always so fun to watch and the weather was gorgeous (a little chilly though), so we thought tonight would be a good opportunity to watch him. He did great as usual. He pitched and did a great job and had a hit every at bat. He is really good at baseball and takes it very seriously!

Tate was excited to say, "Good game!" to Brigg when the game was over. During the game though, he spent most of the time running around playing with his shadow or making "salads" for us out of grass and weeds.


Candi said...

Ohhh both my boys SO cute!! Brigg IS one serious baseball player and we all know Tate loves a good "salad" :) Glad you guys had such a fun night.. did they win?

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious - I used to make "salads" out of grass and weeds, too. Many, many years ago..................... :)