Tuesday, May 03, 2011

happy things

*Got my Scentsy things that I ordered at the open house my sister had a couple of weekends ago and so in love with all of it. Really, I am ADDICTED to Scentsy! I currently have Cranberry Muffin in my burner in the living room and YUM...it smells amazing!

*I also found out that I won the raffle basket for Mary Kay from that same open house!!! I never win anything so I couldn't be more ecstatic!!!! Thank you, Sarah! I cannot wait to get it and start using all of my fun Mary Kay stuff!

*I ALSO got my Uppercase Living items that I ordered at the open house in the mail and am totally bummed that one of my expressions doesn't fit where I was planning on putting it on our front door. :( It makes me so sad. I am going to need to exchange it for something else.

*I have 3 photoshoots scheduled this week, so it's going to be a fun week of photographing and editing...well, the editing is by far my favorite part!

*How about this weather?!!! Wow...I was so ready for the sun! Also, warmer temps are totally fine with me as well.

*Sean picked up the 40 bags of mulch that we ordered today as well as some other various things that are going to allow us to start making our house have a bit more curb appeal. I'll definitely be taking before and after pictures!

*Looking forward to the upcoming weekend and all that will be going on! A baby shower, a birthday party, Mother's Day...fun, fun! :)

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Beckysblog said...

I want to book you for a photo shoot....