Monday, May 23, 2011


Wanna win this?

It's FREE to don't even need to open your wallet!

All you need to do is set aside 5 minutes of your time...really, only 5 minutes!

Included in the giveaway...

*2 SUPER FANCY CUSTOM MADE clipboards. ;)

*a reed diffuser in Pink Honeysuckle

*Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Antibacterial Hand Soap (one of my FAVORITE scents!)

*1 free infant, baby, child, engagement or family photo session with ME! (sorry for anyone who isn't in a community I photograph in!)

Words directly from The Adventure Project founders:

Recently, Bill Gates posted a challenge on his blog:
“I need your help in making the case about why small farmers (in developing countries) are so important – in fact, I want you to share your best ideas and help spread the word.”

The best ideas submitted by May 31st will be posted on The Gates Foundation website, and Bill will blog about the winners. We read it and shouted, “THIS IS US!”

So we worked night-and-day last week to create our One to 1,000 Challenge:

Launching today, we have set an ambitious goal. We have ten days to enlist 1,000 people in spreading the message about the importance of small farmers. If we recruit 1,000 people, and reach Bill Gates, sponsors will donate in support of our Grow Campaign! We need your help.

Eighty percent of the poor in Africa work as small farmers – and 75% of their children go hungry. All because they don't have the right tools and resources to grow more food. This is our chance for us to use our voices to support Kickstart irrigation pumps in Kenya, and tell Bill Gates why our Tribe is going to change the world.

Launch the site and become One of the 1,000 here!

So this is the deal.
We need YOU to create an page.
It truly is simple.
An page is basically an online business card.
Your name, a short bio, any links to blogs, websites, facebook or twitter pages that you want to share.
You can use it in your email signature if you want. Anything. I have my page as my signature on my Jennie Peakin Photography email account so that all of the links to my photography blog, website and information are in 1 place instead of my signature being FULL of links. It's cleaner and prettier. :)
And honestly, it took me like 5 minutes to set up and register.

Simple simple way to help The Adventure Project in their effort to eliminate extreme poverty.

I believe in it so deeply. For years I have felt like there HAS to be a way to win the battle against extreme poverty. And I believe we can see it in our lifetime if we choose wisely the WAY we give. It's so important.

So I am asking for your help. You need to do 3 SIMPLE, QUICK things.

1. Go to and sign up. It really will take you 5 minutes TOPS.
2. Go REGISTER your page HERE. This is important. We need to know who is connected to The Adventure Project. The will literally take 15 seconds. I'm serious.
3. Ask someone else to join us. Or help them sign up. Simply spread the word!

If you want more info, go HERE and read up on it. The directions may be clearer there.

And then, tell me about it via email so you can be entered to win the giveaway!

You will receive 2 entries for the giveaway just by creating your own page!

If you don't want to do it yourself, but would like a shot at the giveaway...I'LL GIVE YOU 1 ENTRY AND I'LL DO IT FOR YOU...just email me at japeakin at hotmail dot com and include your email address you would like me to use along with any links to blogs, facebook, twitter, etc. you would like me to include.

Receive 1 entry for spreading the word about it on Facebook.

Receive 1 entry for spreading the word about it on Twitter.

If you want a personal page AND a business page, create 2 and get 4 entries!!!

I want to see all the fun pages!! We are looking for people to use farming or gardening or food-type pictures as a background. If you are looking for some amazing photos, click on THIS FLICKR SITE for same photos you can use. OR you can just use your own. Like MY SISTER'S page. :) You can see some examples HERE.

I will draw for the giveaway on June 1st.

Make sure you email me and put "MY ABOUT.ME PAGE" as the subject and include a link to your page, your twitter and facebook posts so I can enter you the correct number of times!

Thank you so much for taking part in this!!!!

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