Monday, May 23, 2011

the view from my phone...

Okay, so it's time for me to unload my phone again and share with you the random pictures I end up with! :)

We got this crazy good deal on a bunk bed at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago and since we need to have room for more kids (if you have no idea what I'm talking about our news HERE) and we have cousins and friends stay over a lot, the bunk bed was necessary...and cheap. So why not, right? :)

Tate sleeps on the top. He loves it...a lot.

Here I go photographing beverages again. I don't know what my obsession with that is! And I'm telling you right now, this won't be the last time!

I got some wine coolers...because I'm SUCH a big drinker (HA!) and realized that this flavor is my favorite! YUM!

Tate's hamper's the 2nd one we've gone through. It was time to bring out the big guns. So now this is his hamper...

I love Bath and Body Works hand it. Just put this scent in my kitchen and it's so good!

That day we garage saled and got the bunk bed...we got this too. It was a quarter. Totally worth a quarter to see how much Tate loves it. :)

Can't WAIT to make our June menu!!! May's ALMOST over! Just knowing what we'll be eating and seeing it all organized in front of me just makes me happy...and calm and comfortable. Weird, I know. Can you tell that we eat a lot of meat? Ya, that's our diet...and honestly, it's NOT getting old. I am totally a carnivore!

And remember our messy cabinets I posted a picture of?

Ya, they're a bit better now. But THIS little shoe rack turned hanging pantry has been a life saver for us for the last 3 years! We couldn't survive without it! It hides behind a door and it holds SOOO much!

My dessert several nights a week...a spoonful of peanut butter and Pepsi Max. Yup, I'm a health nut!

Sean and Tate got DQ the other night. It was such a nice night!

And then we went to the fountain at Vander Veer Park! We love the fountain and are happy it's up and running again after a long winter!

We grilled BBQ Ribs, veggies and had salad on Saturday night. It was the best meal I've had in a long time...yum!

I HATE whirly birds!!!
They make my landscaping and yard look terrible!

As most of my regular readers know, I have been dieting and losing some weight. I went to my parent's house today and got a wild hair to try on my wedding dress. I kinda set my being able to fit into it as a early on goal. Not sure why, I just did. WELL, I must have been larger at my wedding than I remembered because I tried it on today and it was WAY too big! I mean, probably close to 2 sizes too big! I was SHOCKED! You can't tell in this picture that it was too big, but I could easily pull it off without unzipping it the whole way.

It was pretty emotional (weird...wasn't expecting that!) to put it back on...and then to have it be too big made it all the more emotional!

So there you have it again!

I may make this a regular thing...kinda fun to share these random phone pics!


Candi said...

It was emotional... I nearly cried myself.... SO proud of her committment to losing weight! You look so!! : )

Jamie said...

Your dress is so simple and beautiful. :)

Sara said...

That is so great! Way to go! I know you are doing low carb. Are you doing a particular diet, or just limiting carbs?