Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Sneak Peek!

Remember when I was excited to make 200 cake pops?

Well it was fun for the first 8 hours...really, it was.

Then the last 2 hours, it just wasn't fun anymore.

I honestly stood in front of the stove for 10 hours...skipped lunch, didn't use the bathroom once.

My goodness it was worth it...I think they're pretty cute! :)

Here's a sneak peek...

And that's only a sneak peek...there is a huge variety.


Can't wait for each and every one of them to sell and benefit The Adventure Project!!!


Beckysblog said...

uh, those look unreal! good job! They are beautiful and could be sold in any specialty bakery for a pretty price!

I wish I could come on Sunday so I could buy a bunch!

Heather said...

oh my! i am totally buying some of those just because they are so darn cute even though i can't eat sugar!!!

Thank said...

AMAZING! We LOVE them here!! And we cant wait to hear how it goes. THANK YOU!

jody said...

That was Jody and Becky. Not Thank. :-)

sarak said...

ooohhh ahhhhh oooooooohhhh. I can just taste those yummy things! Olivia saw the picture and her eye balls about popped out! She said, "are those CHOCOLATE????"

Farm-Raised said...

Those look amazing!!!!

Erin McLeod said...

Oh my gosh!! Jennie those are A.Mazing!!! You are just soooo good :)