Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm so excited!!! (aka LINKVILLE USA)

I am too busy making 200 cake pops to compose my own post about the Open House, so I just copied and pasted Cassie's blog post. Plus, she covered everything much better than I would!

Seriously REALLY SHOULD is going to be FUN FUN FUN!

Check out below all that will be going on!

Cassie's post...

Ok...the open house is Sunday.

Homemade bread is baking.

Jennie is working tirelessly on cake pops.

Mom is a baking fool today for the bake sale.

It's going to be SO FUN!!!

But guess what! You don't have to BE HERE to participate! All of the "vendors" (seriously...i don't know what to call them. i'd like to say all the "really super awesome people who are going to be here") have set up ONLINE parties! Which means if you'd like to order online and have it SHIPPED TO YOUR DOOR and still have profits going towards The Adventure Project, YOU CAN! SWEET!

Here are the details:

Heather from Scentsy will be here. If you would like to order through her online party CLICK HERE and then click on "Cassie's water". All items will be shipped to your door.

Sara from Mary Kay will be here. If you would like to order through her online and have your items shipped to your door, CLICK HERE.

We don't have an actual Uppercase Living rep coming, but they have offered to have a catalog party here and Lora DeCook will be manning the table. :) She's totally cute and fun, so you will want to buy from her!! Anyway, they also set up an online option. CLICK HERE and make sure you click the "Associate with Open House" section and then click on LORA DECOOK.

Other fun stuff...

We are going to have munchies and WINE to sip on. We live right around the corner from Ardon Creek Winery and I LOVE THEM! Like seriously think they are awesome people and love to support them in all my wine needs. :) So we will be offering their wine for your enjoyment as well!

My sister is literally making 200 of her Cake Pops. Go check them out HERE. She is also donating 35% of all photo sessions booked through her on Sunday to The Adventure Project. She takes your pics...edits them...and saves them on a CD for you. You get the CD to keep and do with as you wish. It's a great deal. AND she is making some fun clipboards to sell as well. Super cute!

There is going to be a bake sale. I have baked about 25 loaves of bread. My mom is making DELICIOUS sweets. I will also have bags of homemade granola. It's going to go fast, so you better get here early!! :)

There is going to be a raffle. In the raffle we will have a free photo session with Jennie Peakin Photography, items from Mary Kay, Scentsy and Uppercase Living and some of the yummy baked goods. $5/ticket. Plus, we'll have they awesome soap that The Adventure Project is selling for their Keep It Clean Campaign. Because really, this is what it's all about....creating jobs and saving lives in Northern India. It's a big big deal and I believe in this cause with all my heart. I believe in this organization and the women running it (who are seriously FLYING TO AFRICA TODAY for 16 days to scope out their next few projects!!!! ). I promise you, your money will be used in the most effective way with this organization. Love them.

So join us on Sunday. 3-5:30.

My house.

Food, Fun, Wine, and Fund-raising.

Can't beat it!!

Did I mention I was excited?!?

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