Saturday, April 16, 2011

I ran a mile today...without stopping.

It doesn't really count though because it was on a treadmill and I found out really quickly that running on a treadmill is twice as easy as running outside! However, I still ran a mile without stopping. And aside from my one rest day yesterday, I have run/walked a mile or more every day since I started...which isn't saying THAT much because that was only 4 days ago. Ha. :) I can't wait until I can run a whole mile outside without stopping! OH, and I am totally worried about my running schedule tomorrow. I was planning on going in the morning around 7ish because we are leaving town at 9am, but I looked at the weather and it's supposed to feel like 25 degrees out at that time! YIKES! Not sure if I'll go or now. We shall see!

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Cara Hoherd said...

A treadmill totally counts. 5280 feet is 5280 feet however you count it!