Wednesday, April 27, 2011

long term goals...

*Lose 50lbs by my 31st birthday on September 21st...lofty goal, but I'm determined!

*Learn to like water...another lofty goal that I'm not as confident about...not sure I'll succeed!

*Teach Tate The Lord's Prayer by the end of the summer...we started tonight.

*Read "Made to Crave"

*Run a 5k, without walking...not sure that will happen until my 2nd try, but I DID run 2 miles today (on the treadmill)!

*Arrange our family room furniture in a manner that allows for more room while playing the Kinect...important stuff people!

*Learn how to bake my mom's homemade bread...even though I can't actually eat bread on this diet!

*Make our yard/landscaping look pretty before June!

*Learn how to make sushi...Chris, I will be needing your expertise for this one!

*Plant a vegetable that actually produces vegetables.

*Get some new family pictures taken...Cassie, that's going to be all you!

1 comment:

Candi said...

Great goals.... good times ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Love your enthusiasm!! LOVE IT!!!!!