Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Family Love

I just can't get enough of hanging outside by the firepit with my family.

It's like heaven on earth.

Sean and I grilling, eating dinner, chatting, laughing and enjoying our home while Tate can run around and play, blow bubbles, draw with sidewalk chalk and try to lure out the baby bunnies under our shed.

Our first attempt tonight at a family picture.

Nice Tate...

A little better.

I am loving his dirty, s'more covered face in these pictures!

And he was just so happy to be outside by the fire for another night.

When we told him that we were going to eat outside and have a fire and make s'mores and have the DeCooks over, he said WIDE eyed, "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!" He's going to be so much fun this summer...loving his age right now!

He was just too sweet tonight. He was genuinely so happy.

My boys.

I'm so blessed!

And now Tate is sleeping soundly up in our bed.

Why is he in our bed you ask?

Because we just can't imagine a better way to end this night than to all be snuggled in bed together.

And that's where I'm heading now.


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Candi said...

Fun pics! Loved several of them!! Glad you had such a good night! We did too AND I made bread with Ayla... she was SO helpful!! ;-)