Tuesday, April 12, 2011

busy week

So I ran/walked again today. The same route as yesterday...and I was sore. Now I'm more sore. I am hoping this soreness subsides sometime as I continue this routine. I can't wait until I can blog that I ran the whole route without stopping! That may be MONTHS from now though! Ha. :) I'm no runner, but I plan to give it my all!

I am at Cassie's tonight for the night. Sean has been off for a week and has to go in tomorrow morning and will be gone all day. He had PALS training tonight so he wasn't home this evening either. I decided that since I'm watching Ayla tomorrow, I'd just come down to Muscatine for the night and that way I don't have to get up as early in the morning (and get Tate up too) to come pick up Ayla. So we'll be hanging out for the day in Muscatine and then tomorrow night I'll be baking a few cakes to start the Cake Pop Extraveganza. Tomorrow night I hope to have the balls all rolled before I head to bed and then Thursday will be Dipping Day. :) I hope to have them all dipped by the end of the day Thursday and then on Friday I'll bag them and tie the bows on them and they'll be done and ready for the open house!

Saturday morning we'll be heading to Ankeny to celebrate an early Easter with several of Sean's extended family members. It'll be nice to see so many of them that we haven't seen for so long. It'll be a short trip though as we'll be heading back home that night.

Then the open house is on Sunday from 3-5:30...you all really should come! It's at Cassie's house in Muscatine (email me if you need directions and the address) and Scentsy, Uppercase Living, Jennie Peakin Photography, Mary Kay, a bake sale and a craft sale will be part of the event. Some or all of the profits made from each vendor will be donated to The Adventure Project (theadventureproject.org) and will bring clean water to India as well as help to create jobs by training mechanics to fix existing wells that are not working. Great cause...so glad to be able to be a small part of the great work they're doing!

In addition to all that, I have a photo shoot (hopefully the weather holds out!) and will be watching Ayla on Friday. It will be a busy, fun-filled rest of the week and weekend!

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