Tuesday, March 01, 2011

doing lots of hair!

Yesterday I went to Cassie's and set up salon.
I CHOPPED Lani's hair off which was SO FUN and turned out SO CUTE!
Brigg requested a mohawk that was short and not spikey like the mohawks he's had in the past...it was fun to do something a bit different on him!
I did a fun, kinda crazy color on Cassie's hair which turned out so fun too...I always enjoy doing something crazy now and again and especially love chopping off lots of hair!
Here are Lani and I just before I cut off her locks...

And here are Lani and Brigg's finished products...

And not to forget Ayla...she got a trim. :)
Here are Cassie and her 3 kiddos, ALL with their new do's!

And I didn't get pictures, but I just did Lora's hair a few days ago and then the day after doing my sister's family's hair, I did Sarah, Leah and Kayla's hair! And as I mentioned in a post below, I cut Tate's hair the same day I did Cassie's family's hair! So it's definitely been the week for doing hair!

Now it's my mom and my turn.

I will be setting up shop at my mom's on Wednesday to take care of our hair!

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Chris/Stew; Brenda said...

I think you gave Lani my haircut and I LOVE it!