Tuesday, March 01, 2011

a chilly evening outside...

I had this burning desire to get OUTSIDE this evening after supper...so we did.
It's so nice to have outdoor space! However, it was CHILLY out. I am having some serious spring fever!
Tate hopped on his way too small bike and put on his also way too small helmet and peddled around a bit. We quickly learned that we will be buying him a new bike in a few weeks as well as a new helmet! When did he get so big???

Then, some basketball was played.

As you can see, Sean likes to play basketball... Tate's position was "blocker"...is that an official basketball position?

He didn't really get the concept of blocking...he just kind of ran around in circles giggling uncontrollably. :) He's so cute...seriously.

These pictures were taken JUST before Sean threw the basketball, it bounced off the backboard and smacked Tate directly in the face. Tate survived the traumatic event after a few tears. He might be juuuuust a little dramatic.


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