Sunday, February 27, 2011

in a good place

Is it possible that the building one lives in can change several aspects of their life? I mean, it may sound completely crazy and I shouldn't let such a "thing" as the home we put our stuff in and sleep in affect my life so much, but it feels like it has. I don't really believe in jinxing myself, yet I still hesitate to say out loud, "things are just falling into place for us in our lives." I just feel like so much is so good that something bad is bound to happen. I know I shouldn't think that way, so I'm trying not to, but that thought does keep creeping into my head.

You know, there are ups and downs in marriages. Sean and I definitely have them. We are in an "up" right now. We are good, we are on the same page, having fun, happy. It's certainly helped that Sean has a new job that he loves and makes him happy. And it helps that I have a new home to spend my days in that I love and makes me happy.

Tate loves our new home. He is doing so well here and seems to be improving in regards to his sensory processing issues and just overall been better behaved. He IS at a really fun age!

For some reason, cleaning this home doesn't feel like a chore. I don't dread it, I just do it every day. I know I am so much prouder of this home than our previous homes, so maybe that's why I am not bothered by the dialy upkeep. Not only is it less bothersome, but I feel like I keep it cleaner and more organized than our previous homes. It certainly helps that we purged a TON of stuff before moving here!

Sean and I have both been on a diet since just after the new year. We've both lost a decent amount of weight and are working at just being healthier in general. I know that this has a huge affect on our lives! I have so much more that I need to lose and plan to do so, but even though I've lost only a small percentage of the weight I want to lose, I feel so much better about myself. I have more energy, I am in general just happier.

Now in all actuality, I know that the fact that things are falling into place for us really has absolutely nothing to do with the house that we live in. It definitely helps to enjoy our home though! I can honestly say that for the first time in our married lives, Sean and I feel as though most (we are still working on a couple) aspects of our life are in the best place they've been. Sean's happier with his job than he's been since we've been together, Tate is at such a fun stage, our finances are in a better place than they've been in a long time, we love our home more than we've ever loved a home we've had, we are in the exact neighborhood we've wanted to be in since planning to move to the Quad Cities and we both are working at being "healthier me's". It seems like in the past, when one area of our lives was great, another may not have been so stellar. It's so nice to have almost all of the areas in our lives be in good places. I know that this isn't how life will always be, but I am enjoying it and thanking God for it while it lasts! :)

One thing we're missing? A church. And this is a HUGE thing! I desperately want to find a church that is "home" for us. I want to find a church that is a great fit for all 3 of us. One thing that's caused some issues with this is that we are on the go a lot. When Sean isn't working on weekends, we seem to be out of town many of them. Aside from that, we have other specific things that each of us want in a church that have caused us to not find one yet. We need to work harder on this, I know. I want a church for me, for Sean, for Tate, for our family. I want a church that we ALL love! So I am praying that this aspect of our lives falls into place as well.


Candi said...

Oh yes... makes me HAPPY just reading this... this is a huge desire for any parent for their children. You are right about a lot of things but just keep praising Him and no matter what, all will be good. :)

Farm-Raised said...

I got your email...we'll talk!!!