Saturday, February 26, 2011

Talk-OH night...

Call me crazy, but I've never fed Tate a taco.
Whenever we make tacos or go to a Mexican restaurant, we do a quesadilla for Tate.
Tate is not a fan of ground beef, so we just avoid tacos.
Well tonight, Tate said, "I want a taco too!"
So we gave him one and he LOVED it!

And he started saying, "MMMM, this is good. It's a talk-OH! I love talk-OH's!" He was getting quite the kick out of himself. It was pretty funny though.
So we are pretty excited that he will eat tacos, ground beef and all!
Oh, and can you tell he got a haircut today?! Well he did!
It's still long and I cute 2 inches off!

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