Wednesday, August 20, 2014

This is why we moved...

For this feeling that we're having right now.
The feeling of complete peace and comfort with where are boys are getting their education...the environment they are in, the care and concern for their needs that the administrative personnel has.  This is why we moved...because of this

Cason was supposed to start school in January and we did not send him.  The amount of discomfort and stress and worry we were having by sending him to the only preschool that could accommodate his needs was just too  much.  We had struggles at that school with Wesley too and it came down to our big decision of whether we should move or not.  Open enrollment for special education was not an option.  We spoke with our  neighboring districts extensively and did our research.

It was a no brainer...we needed to be in PV District for our boys specific needs and for what WE were looking for in the schools for our boys.  Period.  We listed our house and a couple of weeks later bought the house we live in now.  It was a hard decision to make to move from a home we loved and into a new school district.  However, we have never regretted it!  We have been in constant communication with the boys' schools and teachers and we are just so impressed!  We are so happy, excited and RELIEVED!

And when I sent this one off to school today for the first time...put him in the care of people who hardly know him and his quirks and who have only spent a handful of minutes with him, I walked away confident and with a smile on my face.  And he ran away from us with pure joy!  I know we made the right decision...TODAY was the reason we moved.  I have confidence that we will look back on this decision we made and know that it was probably one of the best decisions of our lives for our boys.

Cason is in Preschool!

Wesley is in Kindergarten!

Tate is in 2nd Grade!

This is almost all of my heart right here...and they are all in school today.  I cannot believe how much I have been blessed to be their Mommy!  I don't deserve them!

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Jennie Szegda said...

Such a beautiful story! I am so happy you have found peace in where your sweet boys are going to school. You do deserve them. .they are very blessed to have parents like you. You are an inspiration, and I have no clue how you do it all! God bless you and your wonderful family!