Thursday, August 28, 2014

It's been a while...

I haven't just posted random thoughts on here for a while.  Turns out, having 3 kids and a photography business is a lot of work!  Who would have thunk?!  :)

So what should I write about?  Hmmmm...

Well, Jennie Peakin Photography is going to be featured in the October edition of Quad Cities Gold Book thanks to my lovely friend, Leslie who writes for the Gold Book. :)  I am excited to continue to grow my business.  I am quite busy with Jennie Peakin Photography, but would love to expand out a bit and get some more birth sessions (my favorite!) and would love to continue booking weddings for Vantage Nine19.

Today I was contacted about an exciting event!  A couple of years ago, we walked the Kidney Walk for the National Kidney Foundation...a foundation near and dear to our hearts.  We were honored to walk and raise money for the NKF and awareness for all who were willing to hear. :)  Well, I was asked to be on the planning committee for a new NKF Eastern Iowa Kidney Walk that will be held in the QCA!  I can't wait to do all I can to help make this event a success not only this year, but in the years ahead.  So be will be hearing a lot more about this event as things come together.  And to all of my family and friends, I hope you will join us at the NKF Eastern Iowa Kidney Walk this spring!

School being back in session (for all FOUR boys) has gotten us back into a routine a bit more.  We are thrilled with PV Schools still and love sending our kids to school each day.  They love it.  I am happy that we are back in a routine and thrilled that I have a few hours alone each day to get editing, housework and errands taken care of.  Wesley starts soccer in a couple of weeks and I think that Tate is going to be in Cub Scouts!  Finally something he says he wants to do!  Well, as of tonight he wants to, but he isn't always terribly excited and willing when things all come down to it.  I feel like we are approaching a new chapter in our lives where we are going to be running our boys to sports and cub scouts and revolving our schedules around their event schedules.  Wesley wants to be in every sport possible, so I know that he is going to keep us busy!

Speaking of busy...we are getting to that time of year!  You know, Sean's birthday, my birthday, our anniversary and Tate's birthday...all packed within a 3 1/2 week period of time!  It's always nuts.  And then there is the weekend Hawkeye game watching that happens every Saturday...which we LOVE!  We are ready for some Hawkeye Football for sure!!!  I cannot believe Tate is going to be EIGHT!  His birthday parties have gotten a bit out of control and when I counted up how many people would be invited, it was pushing 45 people!  With the move into our new home and the setup we have, we just can't accommodate that many people as easily as we could have at our old home.  Our set up at our old home with the large screened in porch space was so much better to spread out in and if the weather isn't good, we won't have a place to go outside like we did when we lived in Davenport.  Sean and I tossed so many ideas back and forth and Tate REALLY wanted to have his birthday at HOME.  So we decided to not do the big bash this year like we had in the past.  We will celebrate that day with all of his local friends (who happen to be our family friends, so their parents will be coming as well) and then we will be doing a couple of other separate celebrations.  Not sure how much better it will be...lots of celebrations or all done in one shot with a super big one, but we're trying it out this way this year!

Wesley wants to have a bowling or Monkey Joe's birthday party this funny how those two are SO DIFFERENT!  It's crazy to think that we are even THINKING about Wesley's December birthday!  We already booked our Annual Christmas vacation with Mike and Sarah and family too!  Nuts how quickly time flies!

I am not ready for the COLD, but I am definitely ready for some cooler not 90+ degrees.  I could deal with sweatshirts in the evenings.  I love fall...aside from the ridiculous allergies that take over me this time of year!

Happy Fall everyone!

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