Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Hawkeye State!

The Cy-Hawk Trophy is back HOME where it belongs.  We are afterall, the HAWKEYE state!!!

There's pretty much no better time of year than football season!
I'm loving the cooler weather, the fact that in the fall we celebrate not only my birthday, but Sean's, Tate's and our anniversary...all in about a 3 week span of time!  Then, add in Hawkeye football every's such a great time of year!

Next weekend is my birthday...on Saturday, to celebrate, we will be heading to Kinnick with DeCooks to tailgate and then watch the Hawks play and then my wonderful parents are keeping the boys for the night so that we can stay in Iowa City to go out downtown and stay the night!  Soooo excited to celebrate my 33rd with the Hawkeyes at Kinnick and then out with the DeCooks!

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