Friday, August 02, 2013

some thoughts as summer wraps up...

I can't believe we only have 1 full week left until school starts!  We are doing our best to soak up as much of the summer as we can before it's over...and also trying to check off several of the last items from our Summer List!

Have you seen this picture floating around online?

I saw it a couple of weeks ago and then was reminded of it again today by my chiropractor telling me about having seen it.

It makes me laugh out loud!  I love it.  I NEVER in a million years (not even 2 months ago) thought I would feel this way at the beginning of the school year.  I was wrong.  I am SO READY!  The kids are ready too!  This summer has been so overwhelming and busy and I have had a terrible routine and feel like it's been ALL fun, not a lot of productivity.  Now this is good for a while, but I am ready to have some productivity along with some fall fun! :)

And I have been terrible at blogging...terrible.  I love having this outlet to get my thoughts and feelings onto digital "paper", but I just haven't had time!  Hoping that will all change in the coming weeks.  There has been so much to document this summer and so little time to document it.  Facebook turned into my was just so much quicker and easier.

Business at Jennie Peakin Photoraphy has been HOPPIN' and I have a business project I have been working on for the last few months that I will soon be sharing about.  Exciting stuff, but takes up a lot of time.

I feel as though my life is a dream sometimes though.  Don't get me wrong, it is HARD and I don't always feel that way.  Dealing with all of the needs of my boys and running a business and trying to keep a home (this is what tends to slack the most...sorry Sean!) all the while trying to have family fun and time spent with Sean and friends without the kids in an effort to be able to take a deep breath...well, it's exhausting.  However, it's amazing how much I love every minute of this life.  I can't believe that my dream to become a photographer has become a reality...that my dream to be a mommy has become a reality 3 fold and to the most unbelievable blessings I could have imagined.  I have a husband who loves me whether I showered that day or not or whether the house is spic and span or not.  I have a home that though it is NOT fancy at all, I STILL wake up each morning and can't believe it's our home.  I love so much about our home, our neighborhood, our deep friendships we've built and our family so close by!  I stress and worry and complain...all.the.time.  I do.  I fail daily...multiple times.  God's grace is amazing and never ending and is why I am able to go on.

The good times and the hard times of life are very literally like peaks and valleys.  When you're in a valley, it seems like that peak is just so far'll never get there, the climb is too steep, too rocky, you don't have the energy.  You can't see any peaks before or after it, you can barely see the peaks you're in between...the valley is just so deep.  Then your friends and family throw you a rope (or sometimes just pick you up in their helicopters!) and carry you, pull you, drag you up. Once you are on that peak and look down at that valley, it seems so small, so much less scary than when you were in is so far away.  Then you look ahead and see the next peek and it's so close.  You feel like if you get a good running start, you could just jump to it.  If you look behind you, you can see the valley you just came out of, but all you can see before that are all of the peaks all the way in the distance...they cover up all of the valleys before it.  It's so much easier to see the peaks of your life when you're standing right on one.

I've fallen into so many valleys...sometimes daily!  I can't imagine how much harder my life would be and how much more exhausted I would be without my amazing family and friends there to pull me out of those dark places.  I am blessed and from the peak that I am on right now...I can see it so clearly. :)

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