Tuesday, May 21, 2013

As Kindergarten wraps up...

I am finding myself emotional as the end of the year approaches.
I had the pleasure of spending lots of time with these 3 after school this year.  And they are still so innocent and sweet and young.  Time flies and this school year was no exception!  I feel like I JUST sent Tate to his first day of Kindergarten yesterday!  These 3 have grown up and matured SO MUCH this year.  And they have all learned sooo much!  It's been such a joy to hear their conversations and stories in the car each day after school.  They have made me laugh every single day!  Love them all so much!  I am going to miss this, but I am ready to have Tate and Wesley home for the summer!  I have a feeling this will be our BEST summer yet!

For fun after school today, I did a short interview with the 3 (almost) 1st graders.
Here it is...

1.  If you could do ANYTHING you wanted this summer, what would it be?
Tate - I would eat whatever I wanted!
Kiley - Go to my Nanas in Florida and swim!
Ava - Go to my Aunt Diana's and go swimming!

2.  What was your favorite part of being in Kindergarten?
Tate - Miss Jeannie teaching me.
Kiley - Going to gym and also watching a play.
Ava - Going to music and gym.

3.  What do you think the most important thing you learned in Kindergarten was?
Tate - Not to make bad choices.
Kiley - Not to bully!
Ava - To be nice to others.

4.  What do you hope to learn in 1st grade that you didn't learn in Kindergarten?
Tate - I don't know, I think I already learned everything in Kindergarten. (this made me laugh!)
Kiley - I want to learn what you can't touch. (no idea what this means...lol)
Ava - Science

5.  What do you want to be when you grow up and where do you want to work?
Tate - Kindergarten teacher and I want to work at Adams like Miss Jeannie.
Kiley - McDonalds worker!
Ava - I want to teach 1st grade at Blue Grass

6.  What is your favorite part of the day at school?
Tate - Reading
Kiley - Free Choice
Ava - Doing work at our tables

Yes...Tate is clearly attached to Miss Jeannie.  He has been extremely blessed to have her as his teacher.  He gets pretty attached to people he spends lots of time with! :)  Hope he loves his 1st grade teacher as much as he loves her!

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Anonymous said...

How fun...very cute, and a great idea to do this at the end of every school year and one day share it with them at their high school graduation. :-)