Friday, May 17, 2013

A "super" new look...coming soon I hope!

Tomorrow we will travel to Des Moines to do our annual family photo swap with my great friend, Jamie who has photographed our family twice before.  Can't wait for our session this year as we are going to do a bit of a fun theme I think! :)

We are going to be representing the DC Comic book heroes.  Tate and Wesley will be in full costume...Tate as The Flash and Wesley as The Green Lantern.  Cason is wearing a Superman romper, Sean a Batman t-shirt and me a Wonder Woman t-shirt.  If it turns out as I am envisioning, it is going to be SO CUTE!  I can't wait!  And funny enough, the boys are SO excited too!  Kind of part of the point of the shoot was to make it fun for the boys and they are going to have fun...I know it!

So hopefully in a few weeks, this blog will have a SUPER new look with an updated picture as my header! :)  I will share the images as soon as I get them!  Wish us luck!

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