Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Only a few days left...

This trip seems to have flown by!
We have been here for a week and 1 day now and only have today, Wednesday and Thursday to enjoy before we have to leave the house by 5am to catch our early morning flight on Friday.  It is sad to leave this relaxation and fun, but I must admit, I am excited to see our basement finished and see my friends and family at home. :)
Still, I am not ready to go home. :(

Here is the crew I have been with for the last several days...awesome people.  Love each of them so much!

Yesterday, we made the trip to Gasparilla Island and ate lunch at South Beach, took pictures on Banyan Street and hung out on the beach a bit.

The Knutson Family...

All the kiddos.
They are getting along and playing WONDERFULLY together.  No arguing or bickering...and Delaney has been a great babysitter! :)

Tate loves playing with Delaney!

And Wesley has just been soaking it all up.  So much of what's been happening this week has been firsts for him.  He has done really well!

Cason's favorite place to be is the beach...easily.  He is so happy there!  It's adorable!

Tate loves playing in the sand and has been doing great swimming!

So we're soaking up these next 3 days.  Hopefully we'll fit in another beach day, we'll be eating dinner at Sharky's and soaking up as much pool time and sun as we can!  It's back to reality on Friday!

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Beckysblog said...

Looks like the perfect trip.

We will be there next week! :)