Friday, March 29, 2013

Interview with my husband...

I was reading another blog of someone who interviewed her husband and thought it would be fun to ask Sean the same questions.  We laughed through the ENTIRE was hilarious!


How long have we been married?
~In general or exact?  (I laughed out loud because I have no idea what he means by that!  Then he says...) 8 years and 1,2,3,4,5,6 months...8 1/2 years.

Where was our 1st date?
~To the movies (I asked which one and he responded correctly with Just Married) and a delicious after movie snack to Perkins.

Where was our 1st kiss?
~Ummmmmmmm...on my doorstep????

Who 1st said, "I love you"?
~Me???  You????  I don't remember.  I'll say me.  (he's

When did you know you wanted to marry me?
~Probably after our 1st trip to Florida in the spring a few months after we met.

What were our wedding colors?
~We had wedding colors?  Are you kidding me?!  (at this point he is dying laughing...he closes his eyes and thinks hard) and says, "I know the bridesmaids dresses were brown and you had a gold bowish thingy on your dress.  So I don't know, I don't think I ever did know" (honestly we didn't have specific colors, but did have mostly browns and dusty purples in my hydrangeas)

What was your favorite thing about our wedding?
~How beautiful of a day it was...aside from the normal stuff that people like about weddings.  The gorgeous day set the mood for the whole day.

What will I say is my least favorite thing about our wedding?
~Your after wedding stomach ache resulting in a rush bathroom visit after I furiously unbuttoned your dress...and not for the good reason. (I think this could be true...or maybe just that it FLEW by so quickly that I felt like I didn't get much time to just let loose and dance.)

What is the best meal I have ever cooked you?
~He thinks for a loooong time on this one (probably because everything I cook is so then he says, Artichoke Chicken

What is the worst meal I have ever cooked you?
~That's EASY...that pumpkin seed mole stuff...that was terrible.  (Yup, he's right, it WAS!)

What would I say is your most annoying habit?
~My shaking of my leg

What would you say is your most favorite thing about me?
~Probably just how artsy and creative you are because between decorating, doing stuff with the kids or us doing stuff, you are always coming up with different things to do and things that are unique and not boring. (I was SHOCKED by this answer...he seriously has never told me this!)

What's my favorite drink?
~White Russian

What's my favorite food?
~Mangoes  (ummmm...I love them, but definitely Mexican is my fave)

What is my favorite thing to do?

What color do I wear the most?
~Pink or black....long pause.  Maybe green, oh and you wear some red too.

What do you wish I would spend more time doing?
~laundry ( true!!!)

What makes me the happiest?
~Words of affirmation  (he went RIGHT to my love language!)

How many kids did I want?
~4 or 5

What is the funniest thing about me?
~Besides your monkey feet?  (yes...besides that)  Your athletic ability...we both start dying laughing!!!

What do I consider a good date?
~Being without kids. (DUH!)  Probably just going places that we don't normally get to go because of having children like a nicer restaurant and doing something we can't normally do with the kids.

What would the perfect day look like for me?
~Sleeping in, I take care of the kids while your mom takes you out for lunch and you guys go shopping, then we grill out at home and do some activity together as a family and us all having a good time and everyone getting along.  (I would say this is mostly right, but I would have to add that after the kids go to bed, I would want to hang with friends out on our screened in porch relaxing, chatting and laughing...had he added that part, he would have been right on!)

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Farm-Raised said...

This is so sweet! I can just picture you two having so much fun doing this! Miss you!