Tuesday, February 12, 2013

it's been a week!

Wow...haven't blogged in a week!
Apparently we've been busy.  This weekend we went to Des Moines and I hardly took any pictures at all!  We stayed at our friend's The Poley's house on Friday and hung out...it was nice to spend time with them and catch up.  Then, Tate started not feeling so hot on Saturday and we headed to the Embassy Suites for the next night.  It didn't turn out exactly as planned because Tate developed a fever and we could just tell he wasn't "right".  With the help of medicine, he would feel a bit better, so the boys even managed to fit in a swim with Daddy...
Our friends, The Morris Family came to hang out with us in our hotel room on Saturday evening.  We ordered Zombie Burger (YUM!) and just sat around and chatted while the kiddos played.  It was great seeing them...we miss all of our Des Moines friends all the time!
I tried to snap some pictures of their kiddos together which was a bit comical. :)
Brady and Carly...

And then we added "the baby", Nile.
This was the best I could get!

Upon our return home, it was clear that Tate wasn't getting better and conveniently, he had an already scheduled appointment for Monday morning with his doctor for his sporatic vomiting he's been doing lately.  Cason also had his 2 year well child check at the same time.  When I took him in, his doctor checked him out and was concerned he may have Influenza or RSV, so she did a test and a couple of hours later we got the call that he has Influenza B and can't go to school all week!  Seriously!!!  UGH.  We are so bummed for him!  He missed his Christmas party because of weather and now is going to miss his Valentine's Day party! :(  He is SICK.  It's so sad.

Also, I am so worried that someone else in the family will get it!  It could be especially bad for Wesley with his compromised immune system and the doctors all know this so the whole family is not taking Tamiflu to hopefully prevent it from going through the family.  And that was an unexpected $200 I spent at the pharmacy last night!  YIKES!  Totally worth it though...as long as it works!


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