Saturday, February 23, 2013

I love today!

So far today has pretty much been my dream day at home (for the winter at least!).  We had a productive morning getting our much needed laundry situation taken care of!  We were all downstairs...Sean and I folding laundry while the boys played together.  Then lunch together and the littles went down for naps.  Tate and Sean headed outside to build snowmen while I stayed inside and prepared some Corn Chowder (SERIOUSLY DELICIOUS!) that will go in the crock pot to eat when we get home from church.  Every once in a while I would peek outside to see Sean and Tate laughing hysterically, throwing snowballs and playing.  My house smells amazing, is (for the most part) picked up and ready for dear friends to come over tonight while the kids play and the ladies hang out and drink wine.  The daddies are going out together tonight.  Tate gets to have Ava stay the night and he is so excited for that!  My dishwasher is running, the littles are waking up and now I'm planning on just relaxing with my boys for the next hour and half before we head out to church.

Sometimes it's just the simple things, the normal days, that make my heart swell with love and gratefulness for God's blessings.  This life is fleeting, we MUST cherish every moment and unfortunately it's something I forget all too often.

Hope you all are having a blessed day!

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