Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 1 of Weight Watchers

I am not planning on documenting my Weight Watchers thoughts on a regular basis or anything, but thought I would at least mention some thoughts for Day 1.  I ate 16 Clementines and 2 bananas and a mango in the last 24 hours.  Yup.  I am totally paranoid about not having enough points left at the end of the day that I just wanted to fill up on things that don't have points.  I mean, I had 6 Clementines last night and then 10 today.  Still, I am craving one (or 4) right now!  I have been so deprived of fruit that I am fully enjoying it.  So I am not sure if that's a good use of my points when I am chowing on fruit so much.  Guess we'll find out in a week when I weigh in!

If this works, I am going to be HAPPY!  I mean, I didn't really feel that deprived today.  I did have this thought in my head that I would grab a string cheese or a slice of ham to snack on (like I often did on the low carb diet) and then I would remember that I need to grab different things to snack on now (apparently Clementines were my go to item today!).

I still have 2 points left from my daily allowance so I will call today a success! :)

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