Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In just over a week...

...I will be able to share the sweet faces and names of our 2 youngest sons!  I am seriously counting down the days!  I cannot wait for this part of our journey to be over!  It has by far been the most insane year of our lives...stressful, shocking, nerve racking, scary, busy, difficult, wonderful, amazing and chaotic...all of those things packed in.  I can't believe all that happened to our family this year and how we've completely changed in such a short time!

Aside from the adoption finalization to prepare for next Friday, between now and then I have A TON of things I need to get done.  Tate's birthday party is that night, so there's preparation for that, he wants to bring cake pops to school for his birthday treat, I want to do a 6 year photoshoot with him.  We have our nieces for the night on Saturday (fun!) and then I have a photoshoot on Sunday, editing pictures, cleaning the house, wrapping gifts, assembling Tate's big gift, get all of the paperwork and and phonecalls completed that need to be completed to get everything switched over on our boys' records to their new names, etc.  I am sure I am forgetting a million other things.  So you may not hear from me until all this is over! 

Eek...can't believe it's just over a week away!!!  So blessed by our friends and family who are all being so incredibly supportive and excited for our family during this special time.  Sounds like we will have a FULL courtroom at the's humbling really.  These boys are so loved!

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