Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A day in the life...

Just thought I would do another DAY IN THE LIFE post so I have it down to look back at someday.  These are mostly for me because they are some of my favorite posts to look back on and usually make me happy that things are different! :)  Now that Sean is on ONLY days (thank the Lord!!!), there is a bit more consistency in my weeks.  This day in the life is a typical day when Sean is working...

6:00am - Wake up to the baby giggling and babbling in the monitor, lay in bed for a few minutes.

6:05am - Roll out of bed and make a bottle for the baby.

6:10am - Go up and get him out of bed, give him his bottle and go to the bathroom.

6:15am - Go to the kitchen and start a pot of coffee and check my email and Facebook quickly.

6:20am - Pour a cup of coffee, check what hot lunch is to see if I will need to make Tate lunch or not, change the baby's diaper and rinse out his bottle.

6:30am - Turn on Disney Channel (I love using the television to occupy my children...don't judge) and go to the kitchen to unload/load the dishwasher and make Tate's lunch if I know he won't be eating hot lunch that day.

6:45am - I hear Tate's alarm go off so I get his breakfast ready and put at his seat at the table.

6:50am - Tate comes down stairs dressed and his pants are on backwards (or sometimes his shirt, but it's always something) so I tell him to turn them around. 

6:55am - Tate comes back into the kitchen and sits down to eat while I grab the baby and put him in the highchair with something to munch on as well.

7:05am - Get out Tate's planner and have him do his letter writing assignment for the day or read him his library book he brought home.

7:15am - Have Tate go brush his teeth and put baby in the den in front of a show while I get out of my jammies and make myself somewhat presentable to take the kids to school.

7:25am - Draw up our middle's meds and grab a diaper for him.

7:30am - Go upstairs to get up our middle, notice his bed is SOAKING wet, unhook him from his tube feeding, pull off all his bedding, take his sopping diaper off, give him a "wipe bath", put his clothes on him and send him downstairs.  I grab the baby's clothes and then grab his pile of wet bedding and bring it downstairs.

7:35am - Give our middle his meds, throw the dirty laundry down to the basement all the while yelling for Tate to put his shoes on and grab his backpack.  After giving meds, brush middle's teeth and then tell him to put his shoes on and grab his backpack.

7:45am - Grab the baby and my purse and we all 4 head out the door for school.

7:50am - Arrive at Tate's school and drop him off.  Drive over to the preschool to drop off our middle.

8:00am - Get the littles out of the van at the preschool and walk our middle to his classroom.

8:05am - Head back out to the car with just the baby...breath a sigh of relief. :)  When I get in the car, I call my mom to chat on the drive home.


8:15am - Arrive at home and put the baby down to play in the livingroom, go downstairs and start that load of dirty sheets and realize the basement is a toy explosion.  Put the toys away and bring up the clothes in the dryer to fold.

8:25am - Pour more coffee, plop the clean clothes in the livingroom to fold (but I don't start folding them yet!) and then check my schedule for the day to see what appointments I have.  I usually check my email and Facebook again at this point and occassionally will spend 15 minutes or so editing pictures.

8:50am - Pick up our front living room, put on our baby's glasses and foot braces, change his diaper and start to fold clothes before the baby's OT, PT or teacher come at 9am for therapy.

9:00am - Doorbell rings, clothes still aren't folded...ever.  Sometimes I fold while they work with the baby, but usually I push it aside and work with the therapist and baby.

10:00am - A couple days a week, another therapist arrives or we have to go to an appt we have scheduled at 10:15am, on days we don't have another appt at this time, I use it to finish folding laundry, pick up the house, clean out the coffee pot, run and errand, change over the laundry, blog, whatever I can fit into an hour long amount of time.

11:00am - Make lunch for the baby.  Sit down to feed him and while he's eating I always edit pictures at the kitchen table.

11:20am - Make a bottle for baby and put him in the livingroom with it to drink while I clean up his highchair tray and sometimes edit a few more pictures.

11:30am - Put baby down for a nap, clean out his bottle and breath a sigh of relief...again.

11:35am - Make myself lunch and eat...usually I am on the computer editing pictures, checking email, Facebook or blogs while I eat.

11:50am - Decide what to do for dinner and pull out any meat to thaw or put some food in the crockpot.

12:00pm - Shower (on a good day...ha) and get ready.

12:50pm - I use this time to schedule appointments, answer emails, work on our budget and occassionally pick up around the house, throw in another load of laundry or on a good day, make a phonecall or sometimes even relax for a few minutes. :)

1:30pm - Go upstairs to get the baby up.  Change his diaper.

1:45pm - Head out the door to pick up our middle from preschool.

1:55pm - Arrive at the preschool and unload the baby to go in and pick up his brother.

2:05pm - Load both littles back up into the van and head to Tate's school.

2:10pm - Park the car and walk up to the school with the boys and wait for Tate to be released.  I spend this time either chatting with the other waiting parents or returning phonecalls, answering emails, etc.

2:30pm - The kids start to come out of the school.  Grab Tate and Kiley and head back to the car.

2:35pm - All the kids are now loaded in the van and we head over to Ava's school to go pick her up.

2:45pm - Arrive to the pick up line at Ava's school and wait about 5 minutes before the line starts to move...just sit in the van and chat with the kids at this point.

2:55pm - Ava gets in the car and we decide whether we're going to head to Sonic or not for Happy Hour! :)  About once or twice a week, we go!

3:15pm - Arrive at home and get all the kids unloaded and go inside the house.

3:17pm - All the kids are whining for snacks.  I tell them to wait a few minutes while I look through Tate and our middle's backpacks and go through any paperwork sent home with them.

3:20pm - The kids are all back whining for snacks so I give them options and hand out snacks.

3:22pm - The kids are back in the kitchen wanting something to drink...oops I forgot that...I forget every day!  Get them all drinks and send them off to play.

3:25pm - Someone is hurt or crying or tattling.  I spend the next 45 minutes handling those situations while also working with our baby on some therapy stuff and usually changing a diaper or 2 in that time as well.

4:10pm - Check the mail, get online to pay bills or get on Facebook/email and the kids are back in the kitchen wating another snack.  I tell them no.

4:20pm - Lora arrives to pick up Ava.  We chat and rangle up Ava.

4:30pm - Lora leaves and Tate and Kiley are back asking for a snack.  I say no and start dinner (unless it's in the crockpot already) and unload the dishwasher.

4:45pm - Lisa or Aaron arrive to pick up Kiley.  We rangle up Kiley and chat for a few.  They leave.

5:00pm - The kids are whining that they are hungry, I put on a show for them and finish up dinner.

5:30pm - Corral the kids and sit them down for dinner.  Sometimes I eat with them, sometimes I wait for Sean to get home.

6:15pm - (it takes FOREVER for my kids to eat!) Tell the middle and Tate to go wash their hands and face and I clean up the table from dinner, usually just throw the dishes in the sink, wipe up the baby's tray and get him cleaned up.  Usually Tate asks to play XBox at this point and I let him.

6:30pm - The kids play unless it's bath night and if it is, this is when we start baths.  Baby first, then middle, then Tate.  If it's not bath night, I will clean up the disaster that is my house from the kids destroying it in the afternoon.  If it is bath night, the house stays messy.

7:00pm - Tell Tate to go upstairs and put his jammies on and brush his teeth.  Go up and get the littles' jammies.

7:05pm - Come downstairs with the littles' jammies and realize Tate never got his jammies on and teeth brushed because he is "almost done with his Xbox game and needs a minute".  Argue with him until he finally goes up to get ready for bed.  In the meantime I change the boys' diapers and put their jammies on and then head to the kitchen to draw up our middle's meds.

7:15pm - Give our middle his meds and finally get Tate up to get ready for bed.  After giving meds, clean out the syringes and fill his bag up for his nighttime feeding.

7:25pm - Go up to put our middle to bed and realize I haven't put his clean sheets on yet.  Awesome.  Make his bed, lay him down, hook him up for his tube feeding and tell him goodnight.

7:35pm - Make a bottle for the baby and give it to him so he can start eating while I go upstairs with Tate to put him down.

7:40pm - Come down and realize the baby has sprayed milk all over (every night...seriously, it never fails) while playing with his bottle.  Clean him up with a wipe and give him his bottle again and sit there with him to monitor him so he doesn't make a mess again.

7:50pm - Clean out his bottle, swaddle him, give him his meds (he's been on meds for weeks! Ugh) and go upstairs to lay him down for bed.

7:55pm - Come downstairs and breath a sigh of relief...again. :)  Sean usually calls right about this time and tells me he's off work and we chat on the phone for most of his drive home while I just sit and relax.

8:15pm - Sean gets home, we talk about our days and he eats (if I haven't eaten yet, I will eat with him).

8:40pm - Sean lays down on the couch to relax a bit, I edit pictures, check Facebook, email, etc.

9:00pm - Sean and I decide to watch a show we DVR'd and I sometimes bring my computer in the livingroom and edit pictures while watching.

9:45pm - SOMETIMES we decide to watch another DVR'd show or sometimes I will edit pictures while Sean plays Xbox.  Also, I use this time to go to the grocery store or WalMart to run errands.

11:00pm- Sean goes to bed and once or twice a week, I will too.  If I don't go to bed, I spend this time editing pictures...sometimes until the wee hours.  I TRY to get to bed by 12 or 1am.

12:30am - Go to bed and watched Chopped or HGTV for a half hour before I go to sleep.

sometime between 2:00am and 3:30am - Our middle's pump for his feeding alarms that there is a kink in the line.  I roll out of bed and go up to his room and turn off his pump, try and figure out what the problem is and then turn it back on.  I go to the bathroom and then go back to bed.  That all takes usually about 5-10 minutes and happens about 4x/week.

Then the cycle starts all over again at 6am!  If you made it this far, I am impressed! 


Heidi said...

:). I'm tired just reading that! Helaina boards the bus by 7:14am so the girls are up at 6 and I'm up at 5 because I can't stand not being "ready" before they are up!
You are one busy Chica!

Beckysblog said...

That made me very very tired.

Andrea Dellit said...

I'm with Becky, this made me exhausted. I do not know how you do it! You are amazing. (And so is Becky, by the way.)

Great job, Mom.

Anonymous said...

How do you even have time to type all that!
Love, kay