Friday, August 03, 2012

I suck...

I took pictures from our Saturday party almost a week ago, but do you think I've even put them on my computer yet?!  Nope.  I need to...I want to post them.  The kids were so cute.  It was a success.  Lora and I even got some alone time to chat while the kids watched a movie...that is until they came running to us for anything and everything every 37 seconds.  The 37 seconds between each of their visits were wonderful though. :) 

Not sure I'll be blogging for a few more days...I have the Burback kiddos for the next 2 nights and then my sis in law, niece and nephew will also be joining us for Saturday evening and staying the night.  Looking forward to that!  It's going to be a BUSY weekend, but a fun one! :)

Be back soon!

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