Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Saturday Party...

In a short while, Lora and her 3 girls will be joining my 3 boys and I for a little Saturday party. :)  Not sure what we're celebrating...maybe the end of summer?  Or maybe it's not really a party, but that's what we're telling the kids and so they're excited.

We will do muffin tin suppers for the kids and I have a feeling Lora and I will relax and partake in some adult beverages as well.  A sleepover may even cap off the party, but we'll see how things play out.  I think one little kindergartener is getting her back to school haircut and all the kiddos who are interested will get their nails painted. :)  Sean made it clear that he isn't super excited about Tate getting his painted, but I assured him we won't paint them pink and I'll remove it before the start of school. 

Maybe I'll even get my camera out and take some pictures!  It's been forever since I've taken many pictures of anything other than my photoshoots and Tate's new haircut! 

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