Thursday, April 05, 2012

A weird thing about Tate...

So Tate has this thing...I keep meaning to blog about it. Is this normal?

When he takes big drinks of things, they leak out of his nose. For reals. It happens about once or twice a week. It's oftentimes milk. All of a sudden, he'll have a drip of milk coming out his nose. This has gone on for over a year...maybe a couple of years or more. I can't quite remember when it started. Isn't that weird?! It doesn't bother him or alarm him or anything. He'll just all of a sudden be like, "mommy, I need a tissue, my milk is dripping out of my nose." Um, ok.

Is it because of the removal of his tonsils/adenoids? Or is this a completely normal thing that I just haven't personally experienced aside from the wonderful occasions where I am laughing so hard that my drink comes out of my nose?

Anyone know?


Candi said...

I asked your dad to ask Dawson.... not sure he'll see him today though.

Kerry said...

Maybe mention it to your ped. next time your in.

Must be a good day at your house if:

a) you HAVE time to blog
b) this is blogworthy

So that's good :)

JamieLynne said...

I am not sure if it is normal but it did make me giggle a little bit..

Anonymous said...

You tell stories funny! Hopefully it's normal! Love ya!