Monday, April 02, 2012

Stopping to smell the flowers...

Lately, the highs in our life are really high. When things are good, they're great. However, the lows are pretty low too. We had a great was one of those highs. We went to dinner and the waitress actually said to us, "Your boys are so well behaved and polite! I am impressed!" I laughed out loud...kind of hard. She was right though, in that moment they were being so good. In fact, the whole meal they were excellent. This is progress people!
I cherish these highs. I stop and breath and soak it up and remember these highs. There IS beauty in the chaos and mess that is our life! :)
Which reminds me. I was taking my friend's family photos in a field of these trees...
They were gorgeous! I mean...such beauty surrounding me! However, I had tears literally streaming down my face, itchy eyes, runny nose, allergies galore! It was pretty miserable, so much so that I almost didn't recognize how beautiful it was in that place!
I noticed though...I didn't let my discomfort distract me from the beauty and I snapped pictures of the beautiful flowers. I kind of feel like this is a metaphor for our life right now. We are uncomfortable, but surrounded by love and support and beauty! We are blessed so so much and even though I share on here our rough times, don't think that we are not recognizing the good...the beauty.
Sometimes I feel like it's 2 steps forward and one step back. You know, I think, "oh, we're making progress, we're in a groove, so glad we've started to figure things out." Then something happens that sets us back to a place that I thought we had overcome. I know it's only been a month since entering this world of a family with 3 kids and that things can take time...LOTS of time, but that's the problem. I knew that it could take time, I just hoped it wouldn't for us. Unrealistic? Yes. Still what I desired? Absolutely!
So right now, in the midst of everything, when things are good, I am stopping to smell the flowers, to let that moment be imprinted in my mind and heart.

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Linda Rode said...

Remember, 2 steps forward and only 1 back is still making progress, just slower than we would like. But down the road, it will add up. Promise!