Sunday, April 22, 2012

Trying some new techniques...

We had the best evening yet as a family of 5 tonight.  Oh my goodness, we needed this day off that we were given more than we knew!  We had lots of discussion over brunch this morning about our parenting and what's best for each of our children.  The fact is, each of them must be parented differently than the other.  They have such different circumstances that brought them to us and different needs and love languages.  It was so wonderful to make some thought out decisions on the changes in techniques with our parenting of these amazing boys. 

So tonight, it was just easy and fun and relaxed and like no other night we've had.  It was so wonderful.  They didn't behave perfectly all night, that is for sure.  However, our reactions to their behaviors were different than they would have been 2 days ago and their responses to our reactions were much better than what we are used to dealing with.

I feel like we took a huge step forward this weekend.  It was good, we are feeling ready to start anew with our parenting techniques and grow from here.  Love it.  Love these boys...ALL of them! :)  We missed them while they were gone...though we wouldn't have turned down a 2nd night of being childless, we DID miss them and are happy we are all sleeping under the same roof tonight!

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