Friday, April 20, 2012

Thank you, God.

I am having one of those days that it's KILLING me that I cannot post pictures of all 3 of my boys!  Tate is cute, no doubt, but I cannot wait until you can see our other 2 and I can post their names!  It's looking like September...we plan to finalize both of their adoptions that month.  This process is long and hard and stressful and frustrating, but it is unbelievably worth it!  God is's amazing how he knows me, knows our marriage and family far better than I know myself or we know our family.  He knows what's best for us even when it seems incredibly hard and almost impossible at times.  He is ALWAYS good even when it feels like we aren't in a good season and we've been handed more than we can handle.  We haven't...we can do all things through him...I can do this. 

Thank you God for showing me how I am so much more capable than I ever knew, for making me struggle so I must lean on you, for giving me this incredible family that I do not deserve, for showing me grace...grace that I NEED every single day when I faulter.  Thank you, God!


Anonymous said...

Random question but where are te boys croc-like red shoes from in the main family shot of your feet? Too cute. By the way I can't wait to see their pics :)

Jennie Peakin said...

They are actually crocs. They have some with this new more tennis shoe type of look that I love. :) I got them at Von Maur just a few weeks ago.