Wednesday, February 08, 2012

settling in...

We feel like we've settled in to our new normal now. In true Peakin fashion, that means that it's about time to stir things up again! ;) Ha. We'll see!
Tate struggled with our recent family changes a bit. However, it was no more than I was anticipating...still, it was frustrating and difficult. Then, Sean had surgery and that 2 weeks when he was off definitely wasn't "normal" for us. So this week, Sean went back to work and I got back to our routine...or rather, created what will hopefully be our regular routine (for the time being!).
Tate seems to be over the hump. I could be totally wrong though. I mean, maybe he'll act out again, but he's impressed us this last week. He's still a stinker quite often, but it seems as though it's just his regular stinker antics and not do to the changes in our family anymore. Who knows though! It could just be that I'm used to it now too! Ha.
And I mean, he's just so darn cute! I wish I could share more pictures with you all on here, but you know, that blob just makes it's way into every picture these days! Geesh! ;)

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