Wednesday, February 08, 2012


I found something that could be bad for me!
I mean, it's kind of amazing...and in true Goodwill fashion...CHEAP! :)
It's done in auction form.
I have found several things I want.
Specifically a couple of afghans.
I don't need and afghan really.
It's currently bid up to a whopping $5 though!
I mean, I NEED an afghan for $5!
There are also some kind of amazing lamps I want.
I don't need any lamps.
However, for $3, I could find a place for them right?!
So could be bad for my hoarding tendencies.
Oh geesh.
Go check it out though...could bring out the hoarder in you too! ;)

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Our Journey Without Naps said...

I had no idea about this site. So fun!!