Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a peace

Yesterday was eventful to say the least...mostly good events, but lots to think about. When I have something BIG on my mind or something big happens, I tend to call my closest friends and family and get their opinions. Honestly, I need to take a breath and stop doing that...I think I need to form an opinion of my own first. Live and learn, I guess! :)

My family and friends are amazing and all care for us more than we deserve. I know that any opinions or rash remarks are just given to us out of love...I DO know this. And I also know that as much as I want someone out there to make big decisions for us and just tell us what to do when we just don't know, no one can. At least no earthly being can. I know who is making the decisions in our life...why do I keep trying to make them on my own?!?! I know that when a door opens, we need to explore it and pray about it and God will give us the answer...I just forget in the heat of the moment sometimes. :) I also know that many times, the "right" decisions are definitely not the "easy" path. Boy do I wish it were! I think that so many times I have made a decision that would possibly make my life a lot harder or more stressful or more work, but the fullfillment I have gotten out of that decision being made much outweighed the risk. And I also know that I cannot count on anyone on earth to tell me what the right decision for our family is. No one knows aside from us. In fact, WE don't even know! Only God knows. I think we're handed these obstacles and big decisions as a way to be forced to lean on Him. I am leaning on Him more than ever right now. And somehow, in the midst of all of the worry and stress and fear, I feel a peace like I have never felt before. A peace that no matter what decisions we are making, God is in control and will help us. I am listening to Him more than I ever have before and it is so amazingly comforting.

We are so blessed by the support we have from so many people...even people who think we're out of our minds! :) As I've said many times before, I wish I could be completely open and honest about what's going on with us. I promise that I AM documenting all of these events in a private location to be posted on here when all is said and done. It may be 6 months from now, it may be a year from now, but I will share details when I can. Thank you for all of your love and support despite the fact that many of you don't know what's going on.

We can already tell that 2012 is going to be a crazy (crazy GOOD, we hope!) year for us!


sarak said...

:) Thanks for the phone call...sorry I was kind of "out of it":)

Our Journey Without Naps said...

Love you!!!

Andrea Dellit said...

Hugs!!! I can't wait to hear.. Craziness over here too :) please let me know if there is anything I can do. A