Thursday, January 12, 2012

Let's talk about STOVES!

The purchase of a charcoal-efficient stove for a family in Haiti can allow them to breathe easier, cook faster, increase their disposable income, and potentially start a business or provide an education for their children. This is especially impactful in a country still dealing with extreme poverty and the devastating effects of an earthquake. All that for a $20 investment.

From The Adventure Project website: "These stoves are revolutionary, allowing families to breathe easier, cook faster, and increase their income by saving on fuel costs. The money saved is money used to send their kids to food, start small businesses, and eat more nutritious food. The stoves are produced locally in Port au Prince and sold by women entrepreneurs. It's a sustainable business model providing a life-saving product."

Today The Adventure Project is asking for supporters to step up their engagement and ask others to do the same. The hope of this particular campaign is that supporters like me each convince two friends to each buy a stove, hop on board and convince two of their friends to buy a stove. The impact would be pretty amazing and if anyone can do it, The Adventure Project can.

I know their are so many opportunities out there to give and I know many people struggle to trust certain organizations. I know the co-founder of The Adventure Project personally and your money is going where they say it's going!

$20 is's not even a dinner out, it's not even half a tank of gas, please consider supporting this cause.

I am asking YOU...yes, I am talking to you. :) I have SO MANY amazing friends and family who read this blog and even wonderful people who have been so supportive to our family when we do not even know them outside of the cyber world. I know I will get more than 2 of my wonderful friends to support this as well. It's hard to ask you all for things, but I believe in this cause. DONATE HERE! And then let me know you did...maybe I'll do a little something for you. ;)

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