Thursday, December 01, 2011

It's been like a dream...

Our Wi-Fi here is spotty so I am blogging from my phone.  I will blog more when we get home, but to sum things's been more wonderful on this trip than we even expected!  Our hotel is adorable and in a PRIME location and inexpensive...I highly recommend it!  We have done so much and seen so much and had the time of our lives.  Sean has decided to apply for anesthesia school here and just "see what happens". Needless to say, he has fallen in love with the city. :-)  I knew he would!  Sean calculated how many blocks we walked yesterday.  110!!!!  Uh, was kind of a mistake for us to do that.  We were miserable today...sore, blisters on our feet, no fun. :-( I have bandaids on my feet and Sean and I have both taken probably way too much ibuprofen today, but we have a lot of walking on the agenda tomorrow so we are hoping that taking it easy today will help us to make it through tomorrow.  Tomorrow is our last day as we need to leave for the airport by 10am Saturday...that is if we actually decide to come home at all! :-)  I have been to NYC at all different times of year, but no time is better than now.  Truly, it is magical here!  I love this city!

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Candi said...

Sounds like the perfect get away!!! Magical in NY and in IA. too pretty soon!! ;) Much to do when I return :) Excited about getting a few decorations out. Hope your trip home is SMOOTH and on time!! :)