Tuesday, November 08, 2011

thoughts from a tired mama who feels so blessed...

So at 5am, Sean's phone rings saying there's low census and he doesn't need to go to work today. He's on call, but 2nd on the list. He goes back to sleep. Then, at 6:45am his phone rings again and it's his work saying there was a "miscommunication" and he actually shouldn't have been called off work in the first place, so he needs to come in. The great part about that is that since the "miscommunication" occurred, he technically got called in. When he gets called in, he gets paid time and a half...sweet! 17 hours later, he came home from work. Yikes...it was a looooong shift. I am thrilled at the fact that there was a "miscommunication" though! :)

So that was Sean's day.

Mine? Well, mine consisted of volunteering in Tate's classroom and editing. That's pretty much it. I was an editing maniac today! My eyes are blurry from staring that the computer screen, but I am happy to say that every last image outside of the wedding is edited! I will be shooting my last portraits of the year on Sunday! It is going to be glorious to have a bit of a break from the editing. I mean, aside from the wedding that I still have lots of editing to do on. I am praying the wedding edits will be complete by the time we leave for NYC...that's my goal.

I got a card in the mail today from a dear friend. I love mail. And this was just a simple little card that totally made my day! Loved it...love her. :)

I am feeling blessed with all of our friends as of late. We miss our time with the DeCook family. Summer was great...they're both teachers so it allowed for lots of free time to get together. :) However, reality has to set in at some point and it definitely has. We will be spending Wednesday evening with them at their house for dinner and I am so looking forward to it. Also, I got to talk on the phone to a precious friend tonight who I've known for what seems like my whole life. It was a much needed conversation that left me feeling so good. And then we have a fun day planned with another couple of new friends who feel like old friends this weekend!

Also, I found some dirt cheap (for reals!) plane tickets to Florida for a Monday-Friday in December. I want to purchase them so Tate and I can go down there. Problem is, Sean can't go with us seeing as we would leave 2 days upon our return from NYC and he has to work. Darn work anyway! Ha. Anyway, since the trip would be during the week and I don't really want to go down alone with Tate when Chris and Brenda will be working that whole week, my mom can't go and so many of my other friends/family likely can't get time off just before Christmas for an impromptu vacation, I started creating a list in my head of stay at home moms I know that I woudn't mind spending 5 days with in Florida. :) I knew just who to ask...another new friend who feels like an old friend! I am awaiting a reply... :)

Tate will be spending the weekend in Muscatine with Cassie and family. I love my little man and will miss him, but it will be nice to have some time with Sean uninterrupted. Thank you Cassie and Paul SOOO much for keeping Tate this weekend!

So all of the above things are just making me feel so blessed tonight. Truly, I have the best family and friends (old and new!) and I am so thankful for each one of you!

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