Friday, November 25, 2011

Post Thanksgiving dinner yoga...

It was no joke. A serious yoga session after Thanksgiving dinner ensued at my sister's house. :)

Not sure about the poses so much, but Ayla had the facial expressions right on!!!

And then all went down hill once Brigg and his craziness joined in. He was trying to knock the balancing children over. Ha. So then a hugging/wresting match ensued...equally as entertaining if you ask me!

Oh my goodness, I love these kids!

Can't wait for Bode and Boone to be here in a few weeks for our Christmas so ALL the cousins can be together!!!

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Anonymous said...

The picture of Ayla looks just like Cassie! So pretty and so cute! Great pics Jennie! Have fun in NYC! I love the Today Show! Make a sign with my name on it and go out in the early morning while they film! Hehe. That would be awesome! Love you! Enjoy your trip!
xoxo Kay