Saturday, November 26, 2011

I think I might go do a happy dance now...

I got the wedding pictures edited! It took just over a month (which I expected it may take longer) and took so much time, but I love editing...especially when it's couples that are this gorgeous! Check out several of their pictures on the Jennie Peakin Photography Blog if you'd like!

Sean is officially on vacation! He worked last night and is now off until we return from New York City!!!! Woohoo!

I checked the weather for New York City while we are there and as of now, it looks to be AMAZING!

We are going to go to the festival of trees tonight. It was so much fun when we went last year, so we're hoping we can repeat the fun this year. :)

I got an orange coat about 9 years ago when I had lost lots of weight just before I met Sean. I loved's Banana Republic, cost way more than I should have spent at the time, but I loved it. So I bought it. It fit that winter and that winter only. I ended up gaining a bunch of weight back and the coat no longer fit. Ugh. I kept the's classic in style and is still "in style" I guess. I still LOVE it! I tried it on about 6 weeks ago and couldn't button it. Darn it! I tried it on again yesterday and it fit like a glove!!! Oh my goodness, I was so happy!

So I'm going to go do a happy dance now. :)

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