Sunday, November 20, 2011

Meatloaf and a sleepover :)

Tate had his first official sleepover on Wednesday night. He had Ava stay the night and they were both over the moon about this! They felt like such big kids! It was pretty cute. :)

They wanted to help make dinner and I had meatloaf on the menu. PERFECT! What I did was put the meat, bread crumbs and eggs in the bowl and then sat out a bunch of spices, ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce, even some soy sauce and worcestershire sauce. I got the big stepstool out and told them they could put in however much of whatever of the ingredients sitting out were. My plan was to watch closely to just make sure they didn't do anything too gross...the only thing is that I got distracted and before I knew it they said, "okay, we're done!" I looked in the bowl and honestly couldn't tell how much of what they put in. I thought I'd loaf it up and just go with it! Not before a picture of them with their creation though! :)

Turns out that we may have some budding chefs on our hands...the meatloaf was DEEEELICOUS! Too bad I don't have a recipe for it! Ha.

After dinner, they played and played, watched a movie, had a snack and went to bed. In the morning they ate a super healthy breakfast (HA!) and played to their hearts' content in their jammies before I took them to preschool. Sean and I returned to their preschool to drive them to the food pantry for the fieldtrip that was to last the second half of their day. Then, we drove through Sonic for Happy Hour and went home and the kids did some crafts with pipe cleaners and then made art! They had such a great time together and I forsee many more sleepovers like this in their futures. :)

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Candi said...

Fun ! They look like quite the pair !! : )