Sunday, November 20, 2011

I am so mad at myself...

For more reasons than 1, but here are a couple of reasons...

1. I am slacking on my running. Every spare moment I have had over the last couple of weeks has been spent editing pictures. I LOVE doing this photography gig, I do. However, I am more than ready to have the time to run, clean, do laundry, spend time with my family and run errands this winter while I have my break from shoots until the spring! I am just so disappointed in myself. I really felt that 100 miles before Thanksgiving would have been acheivable...guess in order to acheive a running goal you actually have to run regularly! Ha...imagine that! I think it's been close to 2 weeks since my feet have hit the pavement for a run. I can feel it in my energy level, my attitude and on the scale! The weightloss has slowed down over the last 2 weeks and THAT is frustrating! At least I'm not gaining and am still losing a LITTLE. I have so much more I want to lose, so I NEED to get my photos edited and make running a DAILY priority! So the goal I made is in no way going to be over close to met. Ugh...that makes me so mad!

2. I am mad that I am a blog slacker too! I love it when I get on a kick where I am blogging almost every day. I VERY regularly go back and see what we were doing this day last year or this day 2 or 3 years ago. It's so fun. I hate going back and seeing that I didn't blog for the several days surrounding "this day". Again, once the editing has been completed, I think I'll have more moments to blog...and take photographs of my OWN family! :) Speaking of...I was looking back at Christmas last year on this blog and was shocked to see the pictures of myself from Christmas last year! Wow...I think Sean and I may have to recreate the poses we did for our impromptu family pics in my parents basement last year and then post last year's compared to this years. We both look quite different than we did last year! ;)

I don't want to be COMPLETELY negative on here, so I do feel the need to also talk about a couple of things I am happy about! :)

1. We leave for New York City the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Oh.My.Goodness we are excited!!!! So much on the agenda, I have butterflies just thinking about it. I feel so blessed that Sean and I will have this much needed getaway alone before the chaos of the holidays and the addition(s) to our family! Eeek!!!!!

2. Though I talk about how busy I am with photo shoots and editing and how time consuming it is, I am SO SO BLESSED to have the most amazingly understanding, patient and kind clients ever and the fact that I even have this many people who want me to photograph them is just such a blessing. I never dreamed this tiny little business venture would take off so quickly that in less than 2 years into it, I'd actually have to TURN AWAY some clients because I didn't have enough time slots to fit them in! Wow. It's truly amazing and exciting and wonderful! I am doing my dream job, really! I am excited to do a bit of revamping for my 2012 photoshoots and look forward to many of the changes that will hopefully make things a bit less overwhelming for me.

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Candi said...

You'll figure it all out! Give yourself a break, pick yourself up and start again! Seems like we've all been going in 10 directions all fall! Lots of good has happened though and many things God has been very pleased about... life is hard!