Friday, October 07, 2011

Busy weekend...'s been 3 days since I posted! I had a BUSY weekend. We had a babysitter Friday night and went over to a friend's house for a super yummy dinner and then out the The District in Rock Island for drinks. After returning home, a little Dance Central was played and we had lots of laughs. A great time for sure. However, the kids stayed up until the wee hours and I knew it was going to be a rough day for Tate on Saturday.

Saturday, I was up early to get ready to head to Muscatine to watch the Burback kids while Cassie and Paul headed to Des Moines to celebrate their 12 year anniversary. I had a photoshoot in the morning right when I got there, the kids played and played and Lani had horse riding lessons. It was an early night for all of us!

Then today we just lounged around and relaxed pretty much all day until I had another photoshoot at 3:30. While I did my photoshoot, Cassie and Paul took their kids and Tate to the pumpkin patch and then I picked up Tate from them at Blueport Junction. He was in pure meltdown mode and needed to get out of there stat!

We are home now. I am tired and buried in 100's of pictures that need edited! It IS my favorite part, but I am currently feeling slightly overwhelmed with it. I think I'll be closing the computer and heading to bed by 9:00 tonight.

I will post some pictures from the weekend momentarily...

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