Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's my birthday week!

I learned of "birthday weeks" from my sister-in-law Brenda. She likes to celebrate her birthday week (and month) to spread out the celebration. I dig it! :)

So ecxited for a shopping extreganza today! I NEED new winter clothes and today is the day that I plan to get them! You know how when you're not looking for anything or don't have any money to buy anything, you can find tons of stuff and on the days when you want to buy things, you can't find anything you want? Ya, I hate that and am hoping that doesn't happen to me today! Can't wait for my mom to get here so we can go!

Tomorrow is my birthday! I love my birthday. :) Unfortunately, Sean works tomorrow night and so Tate and I will be on our own tomorrow evening. :( However, we did go out to Texas Roadhouse for an early birthday dinner for me last night. It was yummy. :) I remember telling Sean that it was no big deal if he worked on my birthday, and it's NOT a BIG deal, but now that the day is hear...I'm bummed. I am pretty certain I will survive. Ha.

I found a dining table and chairs on Craigslist for $50 that I am in love with the idea of purchasing and refurbishing. I've never refurbished any furniture before though, so if I can talk Sean into letting me purchase it (he's not completely convinced...but that's because he is not good at visualizing how things will look once complete), I may be calling on some friends and/or family for some advice and help. Okay, Leslie? Yup, I'm talking about you! I am (hopefully) selling our glass top table and chairs that I LOATH at our upcoming garage sale (details on that later) and so I have been looking for replacements for a long time!

Wish me luck shopping today!


Farm-Raised said...

I'm in!!! And happy birthday week!!!

Candi said...

Sure did enjoy our shopping day Jennie... who knew Burlington COAT Factory had so many COAT finds!!:) Happy Birthday to YOU this twenty first of September!!!! : ) LOVE YOU!!! :]