Friday, August 12, 2011

Classes and homestudies and paperwork, oh my!

We had our 2nd (technically 3rd, since we missed the 2nd one while vacationing in Florida) PS-MAPP class tonight. The classes are super fun, and emotional, and educational, and I love them. I am anxious about becoming a foster/adoptive parent again. It's different now that we already have a child. We aren't as naive to everything and the impact it could have on Tate and our family. And we aren't trying to act like we can even begin to understand what this is going to be like just because we have already adopted. This is a whole new ballgame for us, a whole new world. We NEED the education that these PS-MAPP classes give us.

And tonight we met our licensing worker and scheduled our first homestudy visit! EEEEEK! Ahhh, the joy of the homestudy. We filled out all of our paperwork for the homestudy and had (almost) forgotten about how much that paperwork and those questions make you think and dig into your past. It's interesting the things that you bury so deep that you don't think about them unless you're forced to. Everyone should have to do a homestudy...everyone. It should be learn so much about yourself, your spouse, your child, your past, your life. It's good for us.

So week 3 of PS-MAPP is over...7 more weeks to go and a completed homestudy and we'll be ready to go!!!!

(And THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to DeCooks for watching Tate each Thursday night while we go to these classes and also for watching him while we have our homestudy! We love you guys!)

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