Thursday, June 30, 2011

sprinkler fun!

Tonight was the PERFECT night for some fun in the sprinkler!

It was HOT (still is!) and humid, so after supper, we headed over to the DeCooks so the kids could play.

They seriously had a BLAST! Constant giggling and squeeling and running around.

They were adorable, so I HAD to get out the camera.

I forgot how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE my zoom lens. Honestly, haven't used it in MONTHS. So glad I used it tonight because it reminded me that I need to use it more often...oh and the fact that the light at the beginning of the evening was incredible!

So you're getting LOTS of pics! :)

Oh, and I brought the kids suckers...I think Chloe ate hers in about 30 seconds flat and then started working on Ava's. Ha!


Yup, I'm serious...I actually managed to capture these next 2 shots!


And there were water balloons too!

Ya, it was a good time.

I mean, she's obviously a girl...very resourceful!

And I'm sorry, but he is just plain cute!

Now the only thing that would have made it better would been if Lora had been there so I had someone to have some "girl talk" with!

You can come home now, really, come home!

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Erica said...

OK, these are the cutest kids ever!!