Saturday, May 14, 2011's been a while!

Wow...these last few days have flown by and before I knew it, the day was over and I hadn't blogged! Sorry, but you're getting bullet points...

*I needed some serious sleep last night. I fell asleep with my book upstairs at about 7pm, slept for 3 hours and then made the mistake of waking up and going downstairs to talk to Sean for a bit. Then, I had trouble getting back to sleep! I finally did around 11:15 or so and woke up at 8:45am feeling quite refreshed!

*What is it with me and beverages? There is something about beverages (mostly coffee, wine and margaritas) that makes me want to photograph them. Then I look at the photograph (and often post it on here or Twitter or Facebook) and get a sense of peace and calm. Weird. I'm drinking coffee right now and was seriously contemplating photographing it and posting it on here so you all could feel the peace and quite I am feeling right now as the family still sleeps.

*I do enjoy being up in the mornings while everyone is still sleeping. That doesn't usually happen. I'm not a morning person. It's nice when I can get up after 8am and everyone is still today!

*I wish it wasn't raining. I wanted to go to the Farmer's Market and a neighborhood garage sale that's taking place in Mike and Sarah's neighborhood today. Darn!

*Oh good, my phone says we should get a break from the rain for a couple of hours this morning...maybe we'll venture out afterall!

*And my plants could really use the rain anyway.

*We have LOTS of animals in our yard that like to dig up all of my flowers, mulch, hostas, etc. It is about one of the most frustrating things! Ugh. Don't really know what to do about that.

*If you're waiting on disks from your photo shoots you've had, I am mailing the last of them today. Sorry for the delay. It's been a crazy last couple of weeks! Yikes!

*I keep having phone calls and emails coming through almost daily inquiring about setting up photo shoots. It's kinda crazy, and exciting!

*We are so very excited for this summer. Just so many fun things happening!

*We haven't finished our landscaping yet. It is a huge project and we just haven't been able to complete it yet. Rest assured that I will post before and after pictures as soon as it's done! I know that you all are holding your breath to see them! Ha. :)

*Running update: Still running. I am thinking there is just no way I'll be able to run the entire 5k on June 4th. Some walking will have to be done. I've accepted that though. :) I am still proud of myself for keeping at it. And who knows, maybe I WILL be able to run the whole thing! The 2 mile wall is hard to break through...I haven't been able to run more than 2 miles without stopping. I will keep trying to break through it though, have no fear!

*I've lost some more weight. Haven't weighed myself in 3 weeks, but have gone down a pants size, so I know it must still be coming off. Whew. I was feeling like I had hit a serious planteau. This weightloss journey is hard...exciting and rewarding, but hard!

*My parents are in Florida for the next 10 days. Happy for them, sad for me. A)Because I wish I were there with them and B)Because I usually talk on the phone with my mom every morning and see her at least once a week, but when she's in Florida for some reason, she doesn't like spending her time chatting on the phone with me. :)

*Our DVR box broke. Seriously, it's sad to say that this is a major thing in our home. And NOT a good thing! We lost EVERYTHING we had taped. It makes me feel a bit sick to my stomach to think about it. I had taped the last 12 Desperate Houswives and was going to watch them this summer. Guess that's not happening. Also, we have tons of movies and shows taped for Tate that we can put on in a pinch. Again, not an option now. We have to start from scratch. DOUBLE Ugh.

*Praying this rain goes away for at least a few hours this morning so we can make it to the Farmer's Market and the neighborhood garage sale!



Anonymous said...

if you go to you can watch all of this seasons episodes of desp housewives....i usually watch the next day, after they have aired. free shows on hulu keeps me from committing to a dvr.

JamieLynne said...

I would cry if our DVR broke. We had to do a hard reset once and lost everything and it was awful. I feel for you and will be crossing my fingers for a desperate housewife marathon and an HBO free weekend to tape some Tate movies!! :)