Friday, May 20, 2011

a play date...

About once a week, Leslie and I get together with the kids for a play date. It's so nice for us stay at home mommies to have some adult conversation during the days now and again! I am just really blessed to have met Leslie and I really enjoy our little chats over coffee. :)

Recently, they were blessed by their daughter who they brought home from Ethiopia.

She is GORGEOUS. I mean, I'm not sure if I've ever seen eyelashes quite like hers!

Meet Sinta...

It's no wonder my camera loved her so much...and she didn't mind my camera either!

She loves to be in her mommy's arms and I'm thinking Leslie doesn't mind that one bit!


Could she be more beautiful?!

I think not!

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Candi said...

SO happy for Leslie & her family and how blessed is their new daughter??!!! She IS one beautiful little girl.... darling!! Those ARE some gorgeous eyelashes! Whew!!! Such a special time for you to get to know Leslie right in your neighborhood. : )